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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sleepless in...Warrington!!!

Can`t believe I have only blogged once since last Sunday...god I have spared you all the latest waffle for almost a week, haven`t even got much to whitter about tonight really either I am all work and no play at the moment, and my dreaded horrible mind numbing insomnia is back, have been suffering for about a week so have been pretty brain dead in the evenings too.

Why is it when you are laying in bed between the hours of two and five in the morning wide awake listening to everyone snore in stereo...by god my kids are snorers too... sounds like a bloody farm yard in my house at that time of night...you have absolutely no motivation to get up and do anything but by six in the evening you are so completely wiped out and you have loads to do and struggle physically and emotionally to get through it...I really should get up in the early hours and get everything done then...maybe I will start doing that...or maybe not!!!

Not been able to go on the Wii this week either which is killing me...had to buy one of those one for all remotes a few months ago because Mia knocked the TV remote off the arm of the couch and broke it...well someone has done that again with the new one...nobody has owned up yet though!!! So we can`t switch the TV over to the AV channel to get the Wii to work...Arggghhh...was having Guitar Rockband withdrawal on Friday evening so Harry and I set it up in his bedroom which is about 3inches square...well it is a bit bigger but we couldn`t "Rock" properly...there is no way I will be able to get Wii fit in there!!! Luckily have a new TV coming this week so all will be back to Wii normal!!!

Have completed four layouts this week, from some of the photographs I took over Christmas, bit weird getting Christmas papers out when all the festivities are over though, nice to remember what a lovely time we had though, have stuck at the 12 x 12 layout size too, I am really enjoying working to this size and even bagged myself a bargain £6 12 x 12 album this week.

Angel...Mia in her School Nativity

SnowDay...Twenty minutes of snow...went outside to put some rubbish in the bin and ran back in to get the kids into their coats and hats and the camera...snow had gone within twenty minutes!!!
Christmas Angel...Mia in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.
Cherish...Me and my Girls Posing for Grandad!!!
Off now to lay in a bath filled with the oil of twenty thousand lavender heads drinking from a glass of Pinot from the finest Italian Vineyard and if that doesn't knock me out and make me sleep I don't know what will!!!

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