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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Fruity Humbleness!!!

The photo prompt today at Her Space My Space is Fruit...now I am not really a big fruit lover unless it is in the crushed grape variety!!! But I do love Halloween and took a before photo of the pumpkin that I carved for one of my friends so here is my fruity photo...and yes I did google pumpkin first just to double check it was a fruit...!!!

Had one of those crazy days today, teaching a workshop this morning and had a couple of ladies in who are also friends and we were chatting about kids and life and one of them, who is in her seventies but very sprightly, told me a really upsetting story, not going to go into details because I felt privileged that she felt she could share this with me but it did upset me and her and we shared a little tear and a hug together...see hugs are good...anyway this remarkable lady has had several strokes and is amazing and I really enjoy her lively company, she also attends a craft club that I occasionally go to when I am not working. Anyway she asked me to go this afternoon for some cake...I am one of those truly horrible people who can eat shite and stay in size 8 jeans...sorry...and all my ladies know this and make sure there is an abundance of biscuits, mainly jaffa cakes, on supply when I teach...so anyway I said I would join them when I finished work and I headed straight there for mmm strawberry gateaux... omg...total heaven, anyway when I arrived my lady pulled me to one side and asked me if I was okay as I was not my usual bubbly self...This wonderful amazing lady who is twice my age and has been through such pain and heartache had noticed that I was not myself...I felt so touched and humbled...obviously the fact that I am suffering from insomnia is affecting me more than I thought.
So it has put me in one of those strange moods tonight I am determined to sleep sleep sleep...if only to get back to my bubbly self...off now to google why is the sky blue...Harry`s homework!!!

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