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Monday, 19 January 2009

Love to Hug...

...is the title of the layout I completed today, and who doesn`t love a hug, to feel arms of someone who cares wrapped around you, my favourite hugs are those from my kids, you know why...because I am not sure how much longer they will last...even now Harry will only hug me if he is certain nobody is looking, the others are pretty generous with their hugs although I have started to cherish them more and more as they become less likely to do it in front of their friends...all part of watching my kids growing up I suppose!!!

Sorry for the pants picture but the light is awful...roll on summer!!!

Can`t believe I have managed two blog posts in one day, I can so tell you are all impressed...yes I can.

I did however have to endure Jack telling me some pretty awful jokes this evening though and thought why should I be the only one to suffer, the sad thing was he really thought he was funny and totally ignored me when I told him to go away while I was trying to chop garlic and vegetables for the Spaghetti Bolognase...just one more Mum and then proceeded to tell me one more...such as whats green and sits in a corner...do you give in...a stupid frog!!! How the hell do you react to a joke like that, apart from to threaten your almost 16 year old with the men in white coats...to which he replies knock knock...and yes I totally fell for it and said who`s there and he said No one!!! That's when I told him if he didn`t get out of my kitchen I would hit him with a wet tea towel...

Do they tell you you will have to put up with things like this when you find out you are pregnant...No I can assure you they don`t, or the fact that your 15 year old borrows £10 for phone credit and then forgets to pay you back or that they are insisting that you cut their hair for them in some crazy style...which is what I have to do in a minute...can you feel my pain!!! I love him really, even though he still owes me £10!!!

So after listening to Jack...who now thinks he is the new Alan Carr, tell me awful jokes, watching Mia perform a "play" on how to get ready for school...hmmm shame she isn`t that organised in the morning and scoring 100% in the Guitar solo of Killers When We Were Young I am so ready to kick back and chill...that will be after I have done my Nicky Clarke impersonation on Jacks hair then!!!

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