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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Wednesday Whitterings!!!

A little late blogging tonight I have a really good excuse though...Honest...had a bit of a tidy up of my desk earlier on, bought a new drawer set from Ikea on Saturday for all my bits and bobs and needed to fit it in somewhere, so I was hauling through my ever increasing craft stash and I found a whole load of Tilda stamped images that someone had very kindly sent me and I have spent the entire evening sat colouring them with my watercolours...see I told you it was a good excuse!!! Just have to transform them into cards now but I think I managed to watercolour five of them...god that's so relaxing, I could have sat at my desk all night doing that but I have to teach tomorrow and need at least a couple of hours sleep before then!!!

So thought I would show you the before and after photos of my desk, taken about 30 minutes apart earlier on, unfortunately it doesn't look that tidy anymore but beautiful things are created from chaos...that`s my excuse and I am sticking to it!!!

Before...a little bit of a mess!!!

And after...very tidy!!!
Still not sleeping very well, hoping that because I am up a bit later I will collapse into bed and sleep for a decent chunk of time tonight, although all around me are ill...I am surrounded by sick bugs floating through the air trying to attack me...I have tried to protect myself all evening from the onslaught of little bugs but I am anticipating being up in the night with at least one of the kids!!!
Ooh and before I go the photo prompt over at her space my space is aroma...now that is a good prompt...capturing an aroma in a photograph...hope I have managed it with my Mum`s Bread Pudding!!!
Off to make hot chocolate with bailey`s...have been told its a perfect cure for insomnia!!!

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chrisw said...

Looks delicious!YUM!