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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Bright Ideas!!!

You know when you wake up in the morning and have one of those "Bright Ideas"

Know what mine was today...to redecorate...my whole house needs doing, it has been so neglected over the last year or so what with one thing or another...so I am slowly...very slowly going to work my way through...Top to Bottom as they say.

So managed to paint the bathroom ceiling today and do all the paintwork in there, going to buy some wallpaper tomorrow and hang that...wish me luck, never hung wallpaper before but if all else fails I can always get the double sided tape out!!!

I also finally finished laying the lino that I started laying about a year ago and left to "walk in" ha, it never did but I can highly recommend an exacto knife to cut lino...bloody blade wont cut anything now, It was already blunt enough!!!

Finally completed a layout of Mia last night that I have been working on for a few days...saw the idea in a mag and wanted to have a go, going to teach this next week on my scrapbooking class at Edwin Allen too.

The pictures are not that hot but the light has been pants today...

The journaling around the circle reads...
"When I was a little girl I spent a lot of time in my Nan and Grandads garden, making up stories and playing make believe games, picking flowers having fun..."

The circle opens out to reveal another Picture and some more journaling... Which reads...
"watching and listening to you in the garden reminds me of happy childhood memories...making daisy chains and picking flowers for my Nan"

Also bought myself one of those "decorate yourself calenders...hmm... cost a fortune and I have to decorate it myself...bit ironic as all the calendars are now half price in the shops!!! But am running a "Calender Club" at Edwin Allen throughout the year...no not naughty pics with carefully places 12 x 12 papers, punches or card, although we did discuss this!!! No a club for my regular ladies to decorate a calendar page a month...and then they have a lovely keepsake at the end of the year.

So here is my January page...

And I have been "On Tour" tonight with my band...On the Wii Rock band that is...Jack insisted that we not only play but had to dress up like Rock Stars too which explains why I am wearing his Slipknot T shirt and have scary Rock Star hair...complete with Insette hairspray...ooh that was a blast from the past, my bedroom smelt of that stuff when I was a teenager!!!

I am off now to massage my guitar playing hands and wash this crap out of my hair!!!

1 comment:

scrapraffe said...

i am SOOO in love with that page! quite gutted i am going back to brighton and can't do the workshop - special trip back from brighton would maybe be a bit extravagant! x