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Saturday, 10 January 2009

All Work and Hardly any Play...

...Has been the norm for me this week hence the distinct lack of blogging, crafting and generally messing on the PC!!!

I am back at work, running six courses for my local college, decorating...yep I managed to hang that wallpaper and did not even need the double sided tape, my Dad (who used to be a painter and decorator) even inspected it today and gave me the thumbs up, and the general dull day to day mundane housework means I have had little time to myself...ooh apart from the best shopping trip to Manchester on Thursday where I managed to pick up this little bargain in WH Smiths. I have wanted this book since I saw it reviewed last year because it looked so fun and entertaining...all Hail Trinny and Susanna...got this for £5...was going to pay £20 for it just before Christmas...so glad I waited, see good things do come to those who wait. The book is fabulous, really entertaining and beautifully photographed, written really well too and a must for any follower of fashion!!!

Like I said I have started teaching again for the College, running six courses that have been so fun this week, despite the extortionate amount of paperwork I have to plough through, I have met some really funny and friendly people and I am also back working in the mental health department too, which I absolutely love and am really pleased about, and I am hoping more of this work will come up in the future.

OOOH and I am going on holiday...well I say holiday...it is a weekend away, in a hotel at the sea side but in three weeks in Blackpool!!! It is going to be soooooooooo cold I just know it!!! I will definitely have to pack my thermals I think...not sure what Trinny and Susanna would say about that but I need to be warm because I am planning lots of time on the beach. I love beaches, and it has been a while since I have been to one, a good few years, I love looking out to sea and the way the sun reflects off the water I could look at water forever, it is so relaxing, I really do love to be near water. I am going to take loads of photos and possibly buy a really tacky kiss me quick hat...there is a group of us going...all girlies so whatever the weather there are certainly going to be lots of laughs and quite possibly copious amounts of alcohol too!!!

Hoping for sunny skies like this...

Okay it`s Saturday night and I can feel a stint on Rockband coming on, Yep I still rock at the guitar although thankfully the Slipknot Top is safely back in Jack`s wardrobe!!!

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