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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

It`s Snow Joke......

God that joke is awful but I always think of it when I see snow...

...and we have snow in Warrington...OMG...

...just a light dusting but it is there none the less and the kids couldn`t wait to get out and play in it!!!
Look at them bless...moaning their hands are cold and then picking up snow then wondering why I have no sympathy with them!!!

So it is the last day of 2008...what on earth happened to this year, I must be getting old because it seems to have flown by, I have had a bit of a crazy year this year with regards to work and am starting two very exciting new jobs next year so I am really looking forward to what the New Year brings, apart from a distinct increase in spending money!!! I have met some fantastic people this year too and had some fabulous and funny times, had some low moments too, who doesn`t, but I often find that family and friends are always good to pull you through!!!
Just to proove that I have not just ate and drank over Christmas, I have been on Wii Fit too and lost 3lb...shocking I am supposed to gain weight over Christmas...I have also done some scrapping...12x12 layouts no less, not done these for a while but just fancied something different, will be completing more layouts this size but will have to go and buy another album first ;-)
Can`t wait to scrapbook some Christmas layouts but my printer decides to have a festive fit every time I try and print anything arghhhh!!! Maybe I need a new one...oooh and the sales are on too!!! Got myself some fabulous bargains in Liverpool on Saturday...only took us an hour and a half to find a parking space too...then we got lost on the way home and ending up driving through Toxteth in the dark...with the doors locked!!!
So I am off to town now to buy Harry a coat...he may think he is too cool to wear a parka or a duffel but MUM is putting her foot down and HE WILL WEAR A COAT...there I have spoken...muwahahaha!!!
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year and all the best for 2009 xxxxx

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Hi Est - haven't visited your sit before. Looks good. Enjoyed reading snow joke - and featuring in it - lol. Heres to many many more good times with you and your brilluiant family in 2009 - work hard, play hard and live life to the full. Have just been marking on New years day thats either dedication or bad planning.
Love Sarah