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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Is this the Beginning...

...Of things to come? I spent the day "Spring Cleaning" and its not even Spring!!!

I have de-Christmassed the house, there is no more sparkle, no glitter and the Decs are all stored back up in the loft until next year...So that's it then... Definitely all over for another year and I am starting to worry myself by considering saving for shopping vouchers and heading to the sales for Christmas cards and Wrapping paper!!! That wont last thought I can guarantee it, as soon as I am back at work and have no time to think of ridiculous whims like that. I still have another 8 days off work though, even though the poor kids are back at school on Tuesday...Muwahahaha.

I have even managed to make Mias birthday card and considering her birthday is not until March I am pretty scared...

Its a 20x20cm gate-fold card so quite a big one but managed to pick up some of these sized envelopes when I was in St Helens a couple of weeks ago...

I`m off now to print out my timetable for January and get some lesson planning done....or maybe I will "Just Dance" with the girls because quite honestly I need all the practice I can get!!!

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