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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Blackberry Bathtime!!!

I had a little accident this morning involving a Blackberry and a bath...you can pretty much guess the rest...its currently drying out on the radiator...luckily I got the back off and the battery and sim out straight away before too much damage could be done, I know it still works because I sneaked a peek about an hour ago and to my amazement its okay, a little water damage to the screen but considering it had a good soaking I am impressed with Blackberry technology!!!

I'm also impressed with Ipod too...I finally went wireless yesterday...I know I was probably the only person in the world without a wireless Internet connection, so I am all geeked up now and managed to install it almost by myself with a little phone support and now can access the Internet on my Ipod....sad aren't I!!!

I have a card making class on Thursday and my students wanted to do valentine cards...so here is a heat embossed card that I whipped up this afternoon...

Off to tend to the Sunday roast mmmm and marvel at my lil Blackberry!!!

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