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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

He made the News.......


At 5pm tonight we all watched Jack on the Television, he had been selected to be interviewed by Sky News at Warrington Collegiate today in response to the proposed cuts in student`s EMA payments, Jack believes that EMA allocation should not be based on parents income (he doesn`t receive it) but that students should receive travel and equipment resources, currently he relies on a part time job for his funding, and he came across as articulate and confident...so proud of my little guy.....look.....

Not sure that he is going to be able to deal with the fame, we keep asking him for autographs!!!

And after all that excitement I had to sit down and relax so I made this little pretty with some gorgeous crystals and pearls, I am really liking pearls at the moment...not so much that you could call me a Pearly Queen, more a Pearly Princess, I am loving the whole vintage jeweled look and am running out of arm for my pearly bracelets!!!

I am off to fashion a V.I.P star for Jack`s bedroom door!!!

1 comment:

Pam said...

Well done to Jack, I believe the students should be fighting for this. Like Jack my daughter does not receive EMA and works 2 x 8hr shifts every weekend so she can pay for essentials. She's saving up at the moment to pay the £500 she needs to pay for her bus pass in September (she wasn't working last September so it was covered by bank of mum or at least my CC!)

Hugs Pam x