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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Landing Lights!!!

Well Hallway to be precise but you get my drift...spent the day shopping for the house today and got myself some cracking little bargains including this gorgeous chandelier style lampshade which sparkles beautifully...

So along with that I bought some Black filigree panelling to hang on the outside of the dining room door...facing into the hallway, a new doormat and some big fat fake black Gerberas.....looking very funky now but a little shabby...not shabby chic either shabby screaming I need a paint job shabby...I have asked the kids what colour they think and not too impressed with Harry's suggestion of grey...so I think I will decide then at least I can say I consulted them...Im thinking a nice fresh apple green to go with my striking new black accessories!!!

Spent a little more time Lesson Planning last night, I am very nearly done now, I don't think I have ever spent this long planning before but all my courses are brand spanking sparkling new ones...

This is a basic stamping and watercolouring card for my card making course...

And this is a basic vintage page for my scrapbooking class...the photograph is of my Nan and Grandad on their wedding day not sure of the year but their anniversary was on Boxing day, going to have to check with my Dad on that one.

Going to have a mooch on the Dulux website now and try to convince Harry that Green was his idea!!!

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