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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sleepless in...Warrington!!!

Two nights of chronic insomnia are finally taking their toll, I could fall asleep standing up right at this moment yet if I go to bed you can bet your bottom Dollar....Or last quid...that I will lay there tossing and turning listening to the noises of the night...mainly cats and dogs where I live...willing sleep to come only when it does to be disturbed by my insanely loud Blackberry alarm, that not only wakes me but half of Warrington, and thinking and feeling that I certainly didn`t get in my eight hours!!!

However I have been productive and actually got out of bed whilst suffering this latest episode of sleeplessness...I have almost completed my lesson planning for the next term...I am teaching 45 classes for the college between now and the February break and I have 31 of them planned and prepared for...I know shock...I`m actually organised, I have even wrote my lesson aims and objectives!!!

Here is a couple of cards I am going to be teaching to Adults with Learning Difficulties in a basic Craft class...Iris folding and Tea Bag folding...wow took me back a couple of years I can tell you, It has been a while since I did either of those but actually rather enjoyed it...shhhh!!!

Tea Bag folded gate fold card....

Iris Folded card...couldn`t resist putting a little Tilda on there...

And a layout for my Scrapbooking class, using glitter, acrylic paint and chipboard...pretty brave for me because I HATE glitter, but it looks so pretty ...

Got another day of lesson planning tomorrow but had a nice day today shopping in Manchester, mainly for class supplies but it was nice to wander round the shops without getting elbowed by bargain hunters or my toes run over by granny shopping trolleys, I love the Sales!!!

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pearshapedcrafting said...

This has got to be a record - you blogging more than once in a blue moon!! Love your glittery page. I am still racing to complete grandkids books - should have been ready for boxing day but I've been ill. Will post on my blog as soon as......!
Take care, love Chrisx