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Friday, 7 January 2011

Its Friday....

...and I want to say wow I got that Friday feeling but all I can think of is I only have two days then I am back at work...I love my job don't get me wrong, really love it, but I have had FOUR weeks off work and I have so got used to being at home, I say being at home what I really mean is shopping, and I want to decorate my hallway apple green and work some magic on the rest of my house...well actually I don`t, I want Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and his team to come and work some magic and make my house beautiful and colourful instead of beige and boring whilst I am at work and while he is inside I want Alan Titchmarsh and his gang to come and work the outside while Trinny and Susannah are clearing out and re-organising my wardrobe and Jamie is cooking me enough 30 minute meals to last me a lifetime... don't want much do I!!! But just how weird would that be if all those makeover marvels were there to greet you with their bubbliness when you came home from work and all you wanted was a cup of coffee and a cigarette!!!

Made this card last night for my Card making class...Quilling...I know!!!
X-Cut have some amazing new quilling dies that work perfectly with the Cuttlebug and had a couple of these for a while but finally got round to having a play with them...

And I am a little bit excited...because this came today....

Had a quick peek and it looks beautiful and I cant wait to have a play with that...got to love Online January sales.

Off now to email Lawrence, Alan, Trinny, Susannah and Jamie!!!

1 comment:

pearshapedcrafting said...

Good Grief, not another - does that mean that's it for January now!!? Sorry, couldn't resist:)
I was looking at those flower quilling dies the other week, yours look good and I'm sure your class will love them. I will give you a ring some time as I'm beginning to feel better now - the little white pills are working!!
Love Chrisx