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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday`s Dilemma...

....Okay so if you are very good and very bad in one day does the good cancel out the bad!!!

I will start with the bad...I was supposed to be doing the weekly food shop, you know descending on the aisles of Asda living through the torture of a dodgy trolley wheel, several thousand people greeting each other in the MIDDLE of the bloody Aisles, and kids running riot everywhere...however I slipped into TKMaxx before I could muster up the courage to place my pound in the trolley.

and look what I got....

Nestled in that cute retro plastic shopping basket is an 8x8 scrapbook album lots of papers, die cuts, letters and bling...all for an incredible £4.00...!!!

Then my beady crafty eyes spotted these We Are Memory K page kits....

Not sure of everything that's in them yet as I haven't opened them to stroke the papers yet, I am saving myself until after tea...but they were only £3.00 each!!!

And finally this...which just reminded me of Mia....

And was a bargain £2.00

So if you love a bargain get yourself down to your nearest TKMaxx for scrummy drooly stash!!!

Okay so that was my bad now for my good...after negotiating my trolley around the awful aisles of hell on earth, I mean Asda, I got myself a Christmas Saver Card!!! I know I feel all sort of grown up and responsible, I have never saved for Christmas before but am planning to whack a couple of quid on it every week just to make this years festive season a little easier on the pocket, I have also picked up a couple of birthday gifts in the sales and wrapping paper too, tell you this is the time to do your Christmas shopping, I am going to be one of those awfully smug people that by October say oh yes darling I have all my gifts and they are all wrapped and ready!!! Or maybe not!!!

I am off now to stroke my lovely new papers and flick through the Christmas Magnolia magazine that arrived yesterday before the kids drag me on Just Dance!!!

Oh just to let you know that said Magazine has had a price increase to £7.99....shocking but if you head over to Craft Obsessions they are selling it at the original price of £6.99...I have just ordered my copy.

1 comment:

pearshapedcrafting said...

OOOH! you little bargain hunter, might have to have a little trip myself, er.... you did leave me some? Take care, Chrisx