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Sunday, 2 January 2011

It may be the New Year but....

...I`ve had one of those funny "old days"...New year or not!!!

I have spent the entire day Lesson Planning for next term but haven`t actually achieved much, normally if I sit down for a couple of hours I can have my entire course outlines wrote and have an idea of each lesson plan...but pah...nothing...I`m about half done which is not good as I wanted a couple of days next week to enjoy the last of my holiday but looks like I am going to have to spend another day at it tomorrow...:-(

Did manage to finish this layout, started it last night just before I got my backside kicked by Ella on Just Dance!!!

And made this card using my new Paisley Cricut Cartridge...how cute is that little doll...

This is however for one of my lessons next term...little shabby chic heart with buttons sewn on trimmed with lace, ribbon and a pearl pin and scented with lavender...sweet or what...

And this is for another class...a canvas wall art, using all "up-cycled" or found objects and materials...I quite like this and am thinking of hanging it on the wall with the little heart next to it on a shabby style hook...well until my lesson anyway...

I`m off for mince pies, custard and cream...before they go out of date...honest ;-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love that canvas Esther.

Lisa xoxo