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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Its a little bit funny but....

...I am such a bad blogger, I know this is the case because I have been told...to my face...so I thought I would sit, feet up on the couch, laptop carefully balanced on lap, coffee at my side and blog in the peace and quiet that is Sunday evening, I love Sunday evenings that full tummy feeling after a Sunday dinner and those last few hours of the weekend stretching ahead, I may even treat myself to a glass of the old grape juice before hitting the quilt early tonight.

I headed over to the Stitch and Creative crafts show at the Gmex in Manchester yesterday for a couple of hours overheating, being battered by shopping trolleys and at one point very nearly knocked out by an unsuspecting elbow...one of those sat on the floor moments, I went to stand up and some poor lady nearly had her arm shot into next week by my head...I saw stars and I am not talking about Stephanie Weightman or Nancy Watt!!!

Anyway I think the show was a little bit of a letdown to be honest, although it was absolutely swarming with people...mainly women...nothing jumped out and screamed buy me buy me...I did see the Grand Calibur machine being demonstrated...oh how strange it was walking round watching other demonstrators instead of being the one demonstrating...So the new die cutting machine that will cut and emboss up to A4...I am not sold on it yet will stick to my Cuttlebug and Cricut for now.

So I did make a few purchases mainly embellishments, pearls, bling, ribbons and flowers, some stamp sets and a scrapbooking kit and some lovely heart shaped doily's to go with this....

I couldn`t resist her...isn`t she cute.

Spent today planning for my upcoming Demo at Inspirations by Cardcraft Plus over in Preston on Tuesday, where I will be demonstrating the Cuttlebug Machine with the gorgeous Nellies Creatables.

Here's a sneak peek of one of my samples....

This layout was on my camera when I uploaded to the PC it is a recent one because its using stash from some of the bargain scrapbook kits I got from TK Maxx...Harry and his "Sea Legs"

And I have been making Jewellery...no surprise there then considering I teach Jewellery making, however I very rarely make Jewellery just for the sake of it, but I have got myself a little granny lap tray stuck a beading mat into it and so all my beady bits, my sexy Swarovski`s and my fabulous findings fit inside it and I can sit on the couch when I have five minutes with it all in one place ready to roll...clever huh...I even have the granny beaded glasses chain for my specs...which I have to wear all the time now for close up work.... booo :-(.

Loving these frosted acrylic flowers and leaves at the moment, I don`t usually do plastic but teamed with some pearls and crystals they look particularly pretty....

and teamed here with Swarovski and some metallic roses...lush...

Okay so hopefully that little lot of waffle has more than made up for the fact that I have been an awful blogger lately...I am blaming working evenings and poor lighting at night so I can`t take decent pictures...that is my excuse...and the overwhelmingly humiliating fact that I have become the biggest Eastenders fan too!!!

You can take the girl out of London but you can`t take London out of the girl...especially when I say: Grass, Glass and Bath...for which my kids constantly take the mick out of me for...so there I said it my secret is out..."My name is Esther and I like Eastenders"

Off now to pour a Glass (said in a southern accent) of grape juice ;-)

1 comment:

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love your l.o, lovely colours too.
I went to G.mex on Friday, not as crowded as last year on a Saturday, but I too thought it disappointing.
Did get some nice background stamps though and a lovely book on Art Journaling. Would loved to have come up to Preston but daren't go anywhere else that I might spend money:(
Love and Hugs,