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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Drop Dead Gorgeous!!!

So tonight my little boy...ahem actually sweet 16 on Friday...went off to his Prom!!!

No Tux for him not even a suit though..."Mum I am not really a suit kinda guy am I" was his reply when I asked him if he wanted a suit...dear god no he shopped at Burton and Top Man for his outfit because "then I can wear them again can`t I Mum"

God that boy has his head screwed on, talking to a friend of mine this morning, who`s daughter is the same age as Jack made me realise that spending £30 on his ticket and getting his Dad to buy his outfit means I came off pretty lucky...My friends Daughter has had new contacts (because she doesn`t want to wear her glasses), spray tan, hair extensions, acrylic nails, new dress, shoes ....and OH My God I so have to start saving for Ella and Mia`s!!!
Look how grown up and drop dead gorgeous he looks...

Have also completed these tonight for my classes tomorrow...despite the fact that I am feeling depressed about feeling old...not really ha, thats the beauty of having your kids young...young enough to enjoy everything and with enough energy too...!!!
So these layouts are for my Scrapbooking class tomorrow, where we are using alphabet stamps and hand stitching...

And this little gift set is what we will be making in my candle making class tomorrow night...yep we will also be making our own tea lights although these came completely handcrafted from IKEA...shhh don`t tell my students!!!

Thought these would make nice little teacher gifts at the end of term.
Off now to try and wait up for Jack to come home...now thats sad!!!

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