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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Bank Holiday Spending!!!

Oh My God...I have decided that I totally love Bank Holiday Weekends...doesn`t seem like five minutes since the last one and it is only three weeks until the next...the only downside to that is that we have to wait until August for the next one but lets just live for the moment!!!

I have had the loveliest day today...okay very expensive but just spent the day with my kids, shopping and having fun, they needed new gear...Harry "needed" trainers, Ella "needed" shoes...what girl doesn`t...and new three quarter pants for school because she has decided she is too old for pretty gingham summer dresses!!! and Mia well she saw a pretty top in Next and obviously "needed" that too!!!

And Mum...well Mum feels a little bit old...Harry`s trainers ended up a shoe size bigger than me!!!

Ella`s shoes came from the adult section of the shoe shop...she is now only one size below me...and her three quarter pants came from New Look...that's my shop...that's so not fair!!!

We ended up having an Italian for lunch...mmmmmmmmm....not literally but a lovely little restaurant in Town where they serve the most delicious garlic bread, pizza and cappuccino and to drown my sorrows about feeling so old I bought myself a new jacket...because...you guessed it...I "needed" it!!!

Have been scrapping tonight but the light is not good enough for photographs so will have to save that for tomorrow...along with buying myself a ipod docking station...because I "need" one!!!

Off now to try to overcome my bloody insomnia in my brand new quilt!!!

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