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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday Sunshine...

....I have had a lovely relaxing day chilling out today, bit of shopping, pottering in the garden and walking in the sunshine.

Got myself this little beauty this morning, have wanted one for ages and its all singing and all dancing...well you know what I mean ;-)...a lil home for my ipod...

My ipod is very happy sat there can you tell...notice the Pet Shop Boys greatest hits on there...god I love them so much, was singing along whilst cooking Sunday dinner today...sad I know especially when the kids asked me who the hell is that mum and I had to explain how they were big when I was a kid...to which they replied...in the olden days then Mum...bloody kids!!!!

If you have this months issue of Simply Cards and Papercrafts....

You may have seen this....

Its little old me...and my cards in the introducing section because I am going to be designing for them...oh happy-est!!!

Early last year I completed a scrapbook page about my goals for the next year and one of them was to see my work in print...I have been designing for Papercraft Inspirations for about a year...its so amazing to see your work in print every time I love the feeling I get when I see my name next to a card in a magazine...and now I get to design for two magazines...how good is that!!!

As promised here is the layout I finished of Mia last night, I love this photo of her looking so cute and gorgeous a couple of years ago.

And finally...have been pottering with my plants today...bought some new ones and my veggies needed re potting...bought these gorgeous new pots today for my tomatoes and sunflowers too...look at my kitchen windowsill, how pretty

Off now to enjoy the fact that I do not have to get up and go to work tomorrow...yeah baby!!!

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