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Monday, 25 May 2009

In Training!!!

Oh Yes...been training today for my 13 mile sponsored walk...13 whole miles...did you catch that!!!

Been on this site which lets you calculate how far you have walked or ran...and today I have walked 6 miles...give or take a little, now I am exhausted and my feet do hurt but...and its a big but...I spent two hours weeding the garden before I walked ...and...and its a big and...I was wearing little dolly shoes, not the most appropriate footwear for serious walking!!!
So I did almost half of what I am supposed to walk in blistering heat and wearing crappy shoes...feeling far more confident about it now!!! Especially since I have a tracksuit now...I know, Est and tracksuit in the same sentence!!! But I can hardly walk in jeans now can I ...I also have sunburn...which very nicely matches my new tracksuit, well there is nothing like colour co-ordination now is there!!!

I did get up early this morning as planned, 6.30am and it was lovely, the sun was shining, the house was peaceful and I enjoyed two cups of coffee and completed three scrapbook layouts before I got the kids up at 8.30am.
Have only one pic to show you though because the light here is crap and only this one turned out half decent

although to make up for it caught this one of Mia about ten minutes ago

Off now to rub after sun into my red raw shoulders!!!

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