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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Green Fingered....

Why do they refer to it as green fingered when really it should be black nails!!!

I have been gardening today and I have dirty black nails... I didn`t realise just how dirty they were until I was paying for my healthy apple juice in the shop earlier and was so embarrassed...I am blaming my Dad!!!

He text me yesterday to ask me if I wanted to go to a little nursery that we use every year for our plants...so off we went yesterday afternoon to spend an hour oohing and ahhing over plants in the sad geek like way that we do, wandering up and down the poly tunnels getting excited and planning our hanging baskets and containers.

So today I spent a couple of hours pottering in my front garden, I love my little garden everything is in containers and I just like messing out there moving plants around, deadheading the flowers and all the other sad stuff that helps to maintain a little garden. I bought myself a Jasmine too and it smells divine, planted in a big terracotta pot next to the front door so I can get a whiff every time I go in or out!!!
Look at my pretty flowers

The red flowers in the picture above are birds of paradise and look like this close up...so pretty

Messing with Macro...

Can you see that little strawberry nestling in there

So been a proper little housewife today and got all the washing done and dried on the line, ironed, cleaned, cooked and I am bloody exhausted, much rather be at work, but everything is done and I am planning a whole day of scrapbooking tomorrow, have printed all the pictures I want to scrap and selected all my papers...just hope my mojo is working!!!
Off now to hunt for the nail brush to restore my nails to their original colour!!!

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