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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Today I put the Esther in Chester!!!

Took my little darlings off to Chester for the day, not been to this lovely historic city for a number of years and of course the camera came too, in fact I had to run back to get it this morning because I initially forgot it!!!

What a gorgeous day we had too, the sun shone beautifully and we walked and walked and walked...oh and we walked...my feet are screaming at me at this moment...screaming why oh why did you encase me in a pair of cowboy boots in this blistering heat and walk uphill and downhill, along cobbles and up steps!!!

I am not so sure about this time off work and relaxing, I am exhausted and am actually looking forward to going back to work on Monday for a rest!!!

So I took about a thousand pictures today, we did the city centre, the Walls, the Cathedral, the River, the park and the Racecourse and then only then did we do the pub!!!

Here are my favourite pictures of our day out...

Mia outside Le Frog in Warrington

Awww she is so sweet!!!

Waiting for the train and posing for Harry

Waiting for the train and posing for Mum!!!

Chester Cathedral, one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen, really took my breath away

Taking a picture of me and my girl is not the easiest thing to do but great fun...

Me and my Gang, not only where we allowed into Chester, they let us out too!!!

On the Walls

The Olde Cottage!!!
Mia feeding a squirrel
Chester Racecourse...the only Racecourse in the country where you don`t need binoculars to see the whole track...yes I know I am a geek!!!

The park

My girls in the park

Est in the pub!!!

Off now to soak my poor aching feet!!!

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