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Monday, 18 May 2009

Bad Bad Blogger!!!

I have not blogged for a week...and I would love to say it is because I have been de cluttering my house, bogged down with bin bags and making endless trips to the charity shop as I promised I would but alas no!!!

I have been working...hard honestly, it was Adult Learners week last week so ended up doing more hours than I planned for the college, I met some fabulous people though and my hard work paid off because I already have new learners signed onto some of my courses.

I haven`t crafted anything for a week apart from my lesson samples, I have stamps I bought from Aintree in April that are still in their packets and papers that still lie un-stroked...shocking I know. Although another Bank Holiday is looming and I have a couple of days off work next week too so I may get out those new stamps and play with some card making and scrap booking...although I really want to have a play around with some of the projects in this book which I picked up at the weekend.

Its all about making your own clothes and accessories...easily...and I have had a little play with some felt today starting a corsage...watch this space!!! I am really inspired at the moment by some of my students who I teach embroidery, they are all quilters...which I thought was a bit of an old fashioned craft but have been lent this book by one of them and I am just so in love with some of the projects in here.

Just have to treat myself to some gorgeous Cath Kidston or Amy Butler fabric and I will be quilting away!!!

Off now to sort through my paperwork and registers...oh the hidden joys of teaching!!!

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About Time Signed Dad xx