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Monday, 11 May 2009

Working Weekend!!!

I had one of those weekends that just passed in a bit of a blur and before I knew it it was Monday morning all over again...not that I am complaining that much...honestly it`s just that my house is a tip and I want to really get it sorted out...properly...bought this yesterday...which only cost me £1.99 and reading the introduction I swear it was actually written for me...this is going to be my bible over the next seven months...I know it says organise your home in seven days but there is no way I am going to trawl through all my crap in seven days!!! So I am setting a more realistic time limit...Hopefully by Christmas I will be sorted!!!

Have managed to clear out under the stairs this evening so far and have filled my recycling bin with boxes...you know those boxes we get when we buy a new phone or a camera and we keep them just in case...well I am being ruthless...have also thrown away about 100 magazines from 2005!!!

Now I am chilling out because I feel a little de cluttered and need to recover!!!

I worked all day Saturday...which didnt go down too well with the kids, they like their Saturday morning lie in as much as I do and were not amused when I got them up at silly o clock but they will get over it...eventually!!!

It is adult learners week this week so was helping out with some recruitment and marketing for the college in Warrington town centre, I must have spoke to about 400 people and had to gargle with a lemsip when I came home because my throat was so sore!!!

Then I had to go and watch my guys in the band...and I had to do a proper roadie act this week too as everyone went home and left me and two others to lug everything out down two flights of stairs to the cars...Amps and guitars are bloody heavy and mic stands are just bloody awkward!!!
Was rewarded though...chips with mayonnaise and pizza from good old Mike and Martha's...infamous in Warrington after a night out!!! Oh and stayed almost sober because I promised I would take some photos of the band...here are my faves from the night...

Good old cosmopolitans in "The Lounge" before the band went on.

My most bessiest friend in the whole world in the middle and lil me, with another friend.

And presenting The Selfish Lovers...coolest band in Warrington...and I am totally unbiased even though I know them all ;-) they are really good.

Off now to chill out...I have no lessons to plan shocking I know!!!

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