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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Obviously Onomatopoeia...

...Oh yeah how does that sound, let that word just roll off your tongue!!!

Let me explain...I have a student, very educated, who brings me a word of the day when attending my classes because he knows how much I love learning new words...I love this one Onomatopoeia (On-a-mat-up-ere) which means suggesting the sound described...like woof or baa...how cool is that!!!
Well I was impressed anyway!!!

This is the class I taught today...the lighter green beads in between the bigger ones in the centre of the bracelet are actually a ring of beads and used as spacers...does that make sense!!!

Anyway I loved the design so much I made two bracelets in my class!!!
Here are the layouts I completed yesterday morning...when I got up at stupid o clock, took far better pics of them tonight but still not happy with the picture quality...can see an SLR becoming my latest investment!!!

Cosmopolitan Girl...because I love to drink them ;-)

Pose...because I totally told Harry to for the pictures...god my kids are great.

And I have actually been card making tonight...Shock!!!
Not took pictures because the light is pants now but will do tomorrow.

I now need to soak in a Radox bath...after the two hours gardening and the mammoth training session yesterday I could barely move when I got up this morning, had to seriously suffer some ribbing at work today from some of the older members of staff who think I was acting a little but honestly I have discovered muscles in my thighs I never even knew existed before...they are screaming at me every time I move!!! Got my own back though because apart from a couple of meetings and some training sessions and lesson planning I have five WHOLE days off work...oh yeah...celebrating tonight with a couple of glasses of the good stuff!!!

1 comment:

Geoff Riley said...

How 'bendigedig is that then? :)

Has 'onomatopoeia' overtaken 'erudite' as your favourite now then Esther?