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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Writers Cramp? Tennis Elbow?

Crafters Ache!!!

I have been prepping for my upcoming class at My Paper Warehouse in Beautiful Kendal on Monday, I have die cut about two thousand shapes to prepare little grip seal bag packs for each of my lovely ladies, just to save time as I will be cracking the crafty whip and making them work their little bottoms off muwahahaha. Which means I now have a crafty achey arm from rolling the Cuttlebug that many times...I'm going to so feel that in the morning!!!

As you saw from my desk picture yesterday I'm working on a number of things at once, which is making my head hurt a little, and that has nothing to do with the wine consumed last night with my bestest friend...I'm working on upcoming class samples and just wanted to share this...

Which is a base for the little mini canvas boards I showed you earlier this week, just thought it looked lovely as it was before the mini board was stuck on....I'm waiting for the glue gun to heat up as we speak!!!

I can see this being a long night, my to do list is longer than my crafty achey arm...off for a crafty smoke while the glue gun heats up!!!

Take care
Est xx
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