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Monday, 2 April 2012

Shopping, pies and tea cosies!!!

So first day of my holidays and the girls and I boarded a virgin voyager and headed to Wigan...serious shopping took place...following a lunch of finger licking KFC...mmmmm mmmmm...I came home with a new top and a new quilt cover, the girls on the other hand took full advantage of mum paying and came home with several new outfits!!!

Being in Wigan we had to take in the sights....

They have pies....lots of lovely pies...

They also have tea cosies...Ella needed an explanation of a tea cosy since i don't drink tea or even own a tea pot...she found another use for tea cosies though...bless!!!

From Wigan to Burnley...The Craft Range is where I'm teaching on wednesday...sneak peak...Card and canvas....will also be doing stamping on candles and an altered photo frame

Off to have a glass of the good stuff...i'm on holiday after all
Take care
Est xx
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