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Saturday, 28 April 2012


A Lancashire market town made famous by Peter Kay and cakes apparently...

However today Chorley was all about the bling, Swarovski, fire polished, pearls, glass...yep all about the beads!!!

I love teaching jewellery classes here, I love my ladies, I love that not only did we discuss autism, politics, the NHS and of course beads, but we also shared secrets, history and bra colours...yep we did...!!!

Celia looking eclectic...red top, red scarf, red earrings and blue lariat necklace...complete with big beads, love your style girl...

And lovely Linda...Modelling her beautiful chunky necklace...

I had a fabulous day and am back in June for the next class, email me if you want any details.

Off for the usual crap Saturday night television.

Take care
Est xx
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