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Monday, 16 April 2012

Kendal Crafting!!!

I had a fabulous day teaching in Kendal today, for the first time since I've visited it didn't rain and I had 10 very lovely ladies all making my creations, a card, a canvas and a candle, all putting their own style on their projects and it made for a very enjoyable day...we stamped and distressed and glued and distressed and die cut and guess what...we distressed a little bit more...only in the inking capacity though, was far from distressing especially when I saw little lambs jumping around outside...not a sight we often see in Warrington much to the amusement of my ladies who thought it was highly amusing at how giddy I got!!!

Check out my busy crafty ladies...all under my spell and working their crafty backsides off...muwahahaha...

And check out that view from the window...stunning!!!

I may have said it before but I love going up to Kendal, it's less than an hour on the train, and no messy changing trains, so I can properly relax and read my book or take in the scenery whilst listening to my tunes...

I took these pictures from the train...

If you look closely you can also see my reflection...not bad pictures though considering I was on a Virgin Pendellino travelling at about 125 miles an hour and they were taken on my iPhone!!!

I'm off now to...sleep...these early morning alarm calls are taking their toll...and I've only managed one this week...I'm such a lightweight!!!

Take care
Est xx
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