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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What's on your workdesk?

Even though I've been to work today and taught two jewellery making classes to approximately 30 ladies I've still had a chance to blog hop...bloody insomnia...I was awake at 5am so browsed the web on my wonderful iPad...and found this

What's on your workdesk Wednesday (woyww)

Here's my picture...

It's far more organised than it looks...honest!!!

The canvas and canvas board I created earlier in the week are on there, yellow felt from a bee sewing project I'm working on for classes next week with adults with learning difficulties.

This terms notebook, I have a new one every term with classes, supplies venues etc, some registers and paperwork...boo.

A bracelet I took off whilst fixing a necklace last night because it kept jangling and was seriously winding me up.

Ooh what else...a felt pom pom flower ball...the pink ball, that's another class sample for my adults with learning difficulties, acrylic paint and a tub of gesso, I think I drew round the gesso for a circle template!!!

My rather sexy new ranger bucket filled with my tools...oooh iPad Is there too, and post from the last couple of days... why does this feel like the generation game...there's no cuddly toy in sight but I do have a little meerkat called Mark on one of my shelves....

...blah blah blah....man I can whitter sometimes...so to sum up I'm not working on any one thing but rather trying to clear the decks a little!!!

I have the next few days off, not back in work until Monday so hopefully will be able to organise myself...although I'm not holding out too much hope!!!

Off to prepare tea for my very best friend in the whole world who is coming round for a girly gossip tonight...this could get messy, there's a box of wine chilling as we speak!!!

Take care
Est xx
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1 comment:

Kate said...

You look like you've been keeping yourself busy! Pretty deskwith all whites and a bit of pink.

** Kate **