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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday Night!!!

I have been subjected to Saturday night television by my girls...so far I've had to endure Keith Lemon, The Voice is currently on and I'm promised an evening of Britain's (not) Got Talent and then...oh the joy...Casualty....

....if only this were completely true...

Only I have packed up my distress inks, the Cuttlebug is in storage and my stamps are all nestling somewhere in between all ready for my workshop on Monday in Kendal...this organised me is worrying me too!!!

Unfortunately I don't get to see very much of the beautiful Kendal, I would love to actually see some of the places properly that I teach or demonstrate in...this is usually the only sight I get to see....

It's a good thing I love my job so much!!!

Mia is currently experimenting with make up...shocking how fast she is growing up...even more shocking is how she keeps taking my make up upstairs and coming down looking like this...

Check out that eyeliner...remind you of anyone!!!

Then totally going in the opposite direction after we all sat and watch Liverpool beat Everton...had to get that in ;-)...here is my little ball girl...

And a rare picture of my handsome young man Harry, he doesnt usually entertain me when I'm taking pictures anymore...However I think he needs cash;-)...

Love this picture so much.

Off to drink enough wine to help me forget how much rubbish I have to watch on the television tonight...wish me luck!!!

Take care
Est xx
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1 comment:

Janice said...

Love your blog post. Pity you missed seeing the Northern Lakes, it's lovely there. I prefer them to the ones further south.

Your boy looks glorious, I remember that long hair growing phase, no daughters so no competition on the make up front, just boys borrowing hairdryers and straighteners!

Sat TV? The Voice is quite good, not so sure about the rest, read a book? Knit? Sketch? Okay, wine is probably the answer.