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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fake Friday...

...that's what we call Thursday's in our house when schools out and there is no work to get up for, doesn't happen often but feels good when it does...even better when there is a four...yes four day weekend looming...I've managed to keep this weekend completely free which is lucky because tonight I thought I had lost my mojo...look...

I think it was hiding...somewhere between the distress inks, the stamps and the general pile of crafty chaos...i found myself having a bit of a panic because i am supposed to be designing samples for workshops and planning new classes for work and for just a moment or two i just had that awful feeling that what if i cant do it anymore...luckily after a glass of grape juice ;-) and a crafty smoke I discovered my mojo...wedged between a piece of cream linen card and my Cuttlebug and not only did I create this prototype class sample...

But I also managed this...

Tidy or what!!!
Even I'm impressed with that!!!

I'm huffing on my nails and polishing them on my ink stained top as we speak!!!

Had a lovely day today with my girls and my mum, was her birthday last week and treated her to a "lady lunch" today...I could so get used to this being off work, lunching and shopping malarkey...
Took this picture of Ella whilst grandma and I took a break from the hard work of shopping to have a crafty smoke...

She seems to be all teenage hormones at the moment but every now and then a beautiful light shines from her and she makes everybody around her light up...she really is the most thoughtful sweet girl....despite those raging hormones!!!
Off to enjoy what is left of "fake Friday"
Take care
Est xx
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