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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Half Term Mayhem!!!

Wow another week has passed without a whitter or a whinge on the little old blog...where does the time go...I have been busy honest, I have not been slacking or slobbing during half term, far from it, had to work honest...

...Monday was a College fun day and I got roped into helping out at that, Tuesday I got up at stupid o clock to go down to the NEC for the annual craft trade show...jesus do you know how much they charge for a slice of chocolate cake in the NEC...£3.50!!!

You could buy a bloody cake for that in Asda!!!

Wednesday I was teaching at Edwin Allen, Thursday I had to go to Manchester...okay I didn`t have to go but I wanted to go to the Apple store to buy me an Ipod and we don`t have one in Warrington...and while I was there I had to visit Primark and a pair of shoes fell into my basket, now these are not just any shoes they are turquoise beautiful heels...I dont usually do heels...having four kids totally wrecked my back and it usually hurts like hell if I wear anything higher than about 2mm...but these had to come home with me and I wore them last night on a girly night out and my back is only groaning very slightly today!!! Oooh and did you hear me I gots me an ipod....and I love it...love it love it!!! Have been umming and ahhing over which one to get for a couple of weeks but the touch came very highly recommended so I touched it and fell in lurve...its now sat next to me in the very gorgeous pink leather case that I got today...for the bargain price of £10...see fluttering eyelashes still works sometimes...and I have the entire series one of Skins downloaded and ready to watch...again because I loved it...and several thousand songs to listen to at the touch of the screen!!!

Have also been busy working on a magazine commission for Papercraft Inspirations and planning my five new courses that all start next week...half term, the kids have been off for a week and I have hardly seen them. made up for it today though and am now polishing my Mother of the year medal as I bought a gorgeous new baby blue frying pan, pancake mix, lemon juice and various sauces to make them scrummy pancakes on Tuesday...I actually hate pancakes and I always forget and rush out at the last minute to get the stuff on Shrove Tuesday...so they are now busy planning how many they are going to eat and what toppings they will have...aw bless...so easily pleased!!!

Have a couple of crafty things to share...

Layout of Mia, photo taken when she entered the talent contest at my local pub over Christmas last year.

Card featuring my gorgeous new Edwin Stamp

and...shock...horror...I have been sewing...I have an embroidery course starting on Monday and this is what my students will be making, obviously they will embroider their own name!!!

and a close up to prove I really can sew Mum!!!

Off now to touch my Ipod!!!

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