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Monday, 23 February 2009

Back to Work!!!

With a bang after two days off last week and the weekend it was a bit of a shock to the system especially getting up at 6.30am to get the kids sorted for school too and it probably didn`t help that I sat up half the night watching Skins on my Ipod...which I still love.

I taught an embroidery class today that went really well, I met some lovely new students and they all managed to complete the sample piece too.

Had a really good phone call today with my Line Manager and apparently the provisional funding that is currently in place at the college has been secured for September so I will still be teaching for the college and will be running some courses throughout the summer too. Have also been offered another job with the local Hospice in Warrington, apparently they have had a purpose built Art and craft studio constructed and they want a team of tutors to run permanent classes, and I have been selected to be on the team, So that is my free Friday afternoons gone but I am really excited about this opportunity.
Made this little card last night and thought I would share, I love this colour combo at the moment.

Off to plan another five thousand classes and plough my way through a dozen rainforest's of paperwork, accompanied by a small (okay maybe medium) glass of wine!!!

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poodlechops43 said...

Hi Est, its jacqui that does the cute characters at edwin allens. Found your blog after making my own which you can check out here http://thepoodlesdoodles.blogspot.com/ hope you're doing ok