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Monday, 9 February 2009

Why is it?

The only trouble with having busy weekends like the last two I have had is nothing gets done in the house and I spent the best part of two hours today just Ironing....god how boring is that why don`t clothing manufacturers invent clothes that are non iron and actually mean it...I bought "non iron" school shirts for my kids but if I didn`t iron them they would most certainly look like little tramps and I would quite possibly be ashamed beyond belief...why is it that my kids need a clean uniform every day...yes every single day and not one of them has mastered the art of getting the ironing board out...hmmm maybe a few lessons will be in order over half term!!!

Had a great class today, was the last one in a six week block and I have really enjoyed teaching this particular group of ladies...and Gent, although we spend most of the class laughing and joking so it really does not feel like work. Is a bit sad that I will not be teaching this class after half term but I have been requested at another centre teaching Embroidery so I am looking forward to that.

Am off now to have a play with my new stamps, little oriental ladies that you can see here so very cute I couldn`t resist them. Can see an evening of water colouring!!!

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