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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Weekend Workout!!!

Yeah right...spent a lot of the weekend asleep...went to bed at 7.30pm on Friday night with a headache and for the first time in about ten years I slept for about 12 hours, woke Saturday morning still with a headache!!!

And it has lingered most of the weekend, eased a bit this afternoon after a lie down but its back again, will have to go and get my eyes tested this week I think. I had my first lie in today too for about three weeks, lazily snoozed until about 9 and it was total bliss.
Been having a life laundry today too...god the kids looked scared this morning when I said those fateful words "I am doing your bedrooms today" took me most of the day too, god they really had some crap stored in their rooms which now look twice the size they were...filled about six bin bags so they are upstairs now frantically trying to work out what I have chucked out and what precious childhood memory they can make me feel guilty with no doubt...I always feel better when I have cleared stuff out, cleanses the soul I think!!!
Mia raided my new card on Thursday night and disappeared upstairs saying "do not come into my bedroom" about half an hour later she came downstairs with this little masterpiece
So I promised I would blog it, she made me laugh and nearly cry when she explained it all to me:

Pink Card (from my stash!!!) because that's my favourite colour
The feather because I like tickling her
and a close up because this made me laugh so much...

The dress on the hanger because I love shopping and always buy lots of new clothes...not sure where she got that idea from!!!
The brushes because I am always messing with my hair!!!
Finally got around to turning my water coloured oriental doll into a card:

And for the first time in ages I have completed this weeks DCM challenge "feeling green"...sorted out my paper scraps yesterday...I know I have sorted out far too much this weekend and really need to hit the shops next week...and found these papers which I used with my water coloured dude:

Off now to bed I think...sleep sounds good!!!

1 comment:

Jozza said...

Fab cards! Love your "dude" image. Thanks for playing with the daring cardmakers x