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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Happy little me...

...Parents evening tonight for Mia and Ella and then Jack too...dum dum dum dum dum!!!

All good, Ella is in her final year at Primary school so has to sit the Sats tests in May and she is working well above her age groups requirements, Miss Hunt, her teacher did say that Ella was a very sociable child and will chat and get along with everyone...hmmm wonder where she gets that from!!!

Mia is under the Senco co-ordinator and although she finds school a struggle she is putting a hundred per cent effort into everything and her teacher said that Mia will get through life with her personality and eyelash fluttering technique...hmm something familiar there too!!!!

And then up to the High school for Jacks last ever parents evening...god that makes me feel old but not as old as having to fill in his application form for his national insurance card...meaning he can go out and get a job!!! So I had to meet with all of Jacks subject teachers to discuss the impending GCSE`s...hes working on target and is also described as a lovely polite sociable child too...he must get that from me!!!

So I am happy my little cherubs are all doing well at school...they now want to know what their treats for doing so well are going to be...this could be expensive!!!

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