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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancake Tuesday Twitterings...

Happy Pancake Day everyone!

I don`t like pancakes but spent almost an hour in the kitchen tonight making them for the kids...after three false starts that ended up a rubbery smouldering mass in the bin...I am blaming the new frying pan... because once I got into the flow of it my pancakes were quote "the fittest pancakes ever" I did however refrain from tossing...last time I did that we got one stuck to the ceiling, the kids have never let me forget that either!

Can a Pancake be fit...according to Ella yes so I am happy...I did cheat and buy the ready made mix that you just add milk to and shake...and yep I spent about half an hour cleaning the kitchen afterwards because I tried to shake the bottle with no lid on...I am blaming the fact I am tired!!!

After I had de-pancaked the kitchen I spent the rest of the evening lesson planning, and have come up with these pink projects.

Water coloured these Tilda`s today whilst I was teaching, god I love water colouring so much at the moment...such a stress relief.

And this layout is the scrapbook page I am teaching tomorrow...Pull the little tabs at the side of the photo and two more photos "pop" out from behind the main image, taken of Mia and I last summer.

Of now to tidy up the pink mess on my desk!!!

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