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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

It cant be....

....Only Wednesday!!!

Only bloody Wednesday...I am not sure about this working every day malarkey and then working from home in the evenings too...I am turning into a sad workaholic....but I suppose it beats the alcoholic I plan to be at the weekend!!! Got a completely free weekend...no nights out, no day trips, no holidays to cold parts of the country...I am going to reacquaint myself with the Saturday and Sunday morning lie in and fall in love with my quilt all over again...not that I fell out of love with it we just haven't spent enough time together lately!!!

Been in a funny mood today too...couldn't sleep last night, hopefully that is a one off as the insomnia seems to be under control at the moment, was awake at four and finally gave in and got up at five, did all the washing...how sad is that, made myself a pot of coffee and sat watercolouring my new stamps for an hour before I rounded up the rabble....I mean woke the children, although Mia appeared downstairs at half five this morning looking slightly worse for wear...sent her straight back to bed...Me and kids that early without a carefully prescribed dose of caffeine do not compliment each other!!!

So funny mood all day...not funny ha ha but funny peculiar...feeling a bit overworked I think, need some chill out time and some time to sort out stuff in the house...thought I had the whole week off next week with the kids and was looking forward to that but it turns out I have to work a couple of days and then the week after I have lots of new courses starting for the college...Arggggggghhhhhhhhhhh...not that I am complaining really, sounds like it though, I really love my job and meeting new students and the money comes in very handy when I fancy a new pair of shoes!!!

Was teaching today...My Calendar club...no that's not some sort of arty calendar with naked photos...its a scrapbooking keepsake of the year, So today's lesson was February...the month of St Valentine and Lurve...those who know me well know that I am not the slushy, mushy romantic type so My layout was of Mia Cos I love her...

This is a layout I taught last week and finally took the photo of it tonight...No Mia is not following in my wino footsteps, this was the glass of wine that we left for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve and the photo was totally posed!!!

Not the best picture in the world but a layout I recently completed of Ella and my Dad, photo was taken on Boxing Day and is of Ella trying to teach "Grandad" how to use a Nintendo DS...of course him being the gadget freak he is...that`s where I get it from...he went out the next day and bought himself a black DS lite!!!

And these are my new stamps that I bought from the GMEX on Sunday, that I sat and watercoloured at stupid o clock this morning!!!

Will leave you with this pic of Ella taken this afternoon after school...note uniform off and leisure suit on, feet up on the couch and remote controls within easy reach...Kids!!!

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