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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Word of the day!!!

Erudite...characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly!!!

What a fabulous word, I am going to use this word as much as possible, I have not come across a word that rolls so well off the tongue since discombobulated...I love learning new words and think its fabulous when you come across one you have never heard of before.

Another word for today is bloody knackered...well technically that is two but I am so you will have to let me off, I had a fabulous jewellery making class this morning and then stayed late in work to prepare some classes, but it does mean I can leave early tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to bribe Jack to collect the girls from school for me meaning I can come home and put my feet up for a few hours...ahhh...bliss.

I thought I had pictures of a couple of layouts and cards to share but I have not taken the photos yet...I honestly thought I had but obviously having one of those moments!!!

Sending special thoughts out today to a couple of people, one in hospital having some treatment and one going into hospital tomorrow...love and best wishes to you both.

Off now to tidy up the mess on my desk because those bloody craft fairies are still boycotting my house!!!

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