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Thursday, 11 December 2008

I am on Father Christmas`s Naughty List!!!

Yes little old Me!!!

Took my lil girlies to see Father Christmas this afternoon and he told them that I was on the naughty list even though they protested that I had been a good girl...Luckily I know Father Christmas very well and I will certainly be having words with him before Christmas Eve before I leave him a glass of wine and a mince pie!!!

Harry even got in on the action when he realised he would get free chocolate...god that boy is sly, not sure where he gets that from!!!
Managed to get some Christmas gifts sorted out this afternoon too, teachers presents all done and gifts for my Girl Friends designed, even managed to write a few cards, should be off to Bury Market tomorrow to finish my Christmas shopping but it looks unlikely as Mia is unwell so may have to stay home and play nurse to her instead!!!
These are the gifts for the teachers, Mugs and coaster with individual sachets of hot chocolate, mini chocolates, mini crackers and lots of ribbon.
This is what I have designed for all my Girl Friends...Wine Glass and coaster, miniature bottle of wine, Mini Cracker and a silver necklace and again lots of ribbon!!!
Oh and I spent a couple of hours yesterday helping my boss sort out a Blog for the shop, so here is the link.
Off now to scoff the very aromatic Chicken Chasseur that is simmering away before I go and teach a jewellery making class later on.

1 comment:

Geoff Riley said...

I can't believe that anyone would believe you'd be on Santa's Naughty list... those pressies look great.

Enjoy the chicken.