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Sunday, 7 December 2008


Yep in the words of Gordon Ramsey my Christmas Preparations....Done...nearly!!!

Feeling slightly smug as I have almost finished my Christmas shopping, bought my Christmas cards, got most of my food in and put my Deccies up...It has took me all weekend to get organised and I haven`t had a minute until now to sit down but it is a really good feeling!!!
Went to town yesterday with the kids to get some presents...Oh My God...you would think it was nearly Christmas, the queues were insane...no credit crunch in Warrington I can tell you, bargain of the day was a very nice black furry cushion reduced from £16 to 80p...yep 80p...Woolworths...get your bums down there they have some incredible bargains!!!

Was up until gone midnight last night with my glittery twigs and my glue gun, I actually burnt my bloody thumb too never done that before, what made it worse was that it was actually hot glue that moulded itself to my thumb burning underneath and I had to cool it enough to get the glue off...huge blister now that is really sore :-( ...but you can`t call yourself a proper crafter until you have burnt yourself with a glue gun.

So my house looks all Christmassy, the tree lights actually worked and the kids were really impressed when they got up this morning and the house had been transformed.
If you are booked into either of my workshops at Edwin Allen this week this is the necklace we will be creating.
Off now to sit and admire my decs with a glass of Baileys and a mince pie from Greg's...get them 6 for £1.50 soooooo nice!!!

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Geoff Riley said...

Coo, the Christmas tree looks fabulous!! It must have taken you ages to get it sorted like that.