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Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Winter is here...oh yes, its cold and I want to be in indoors in bed or snuggled in my dressing gown all the time, I would love to be reincarnated as a tortoise so I could sleep through Winter, I hate being cold it makes me irritable and bad tempered, and it doesn't help that the building I run my workshops in has no heating in so we sit huddled round the lamps cradling mugs of hot chocolate to warm our cockles!!! I didn`t even take off my coat today at work, sat and taught a jewellery making class in my fake fur!!!

The great thing about Winter is Christmas although saying that I spent two back breaking hours last night wrapping Christmas presents, my bedroom resembles a scene from a bad Christmas film with presents and wrapping paper everywhere, I still haven`t wrote my Christmas cards and I have four more courses to plan as I found out today the college want me to run four more courses after Christmas!!!
But I am looking forward to a few weeks off over Christmas, I officially "break up" next Friday and do not return to work until the first week in January...all good!!!
So funnily enough today's prompt over at her space my space is winter...this is from Manchester last Saturday...look at the bare trees!!!
Off now to snuggle in my dressing gown possibly in bed!!!


Enfys said...

Hi Est,
Have just spent a great half an hour browsing around and catching up with you. I feel exactly the same as you about the cold, except I would rather be a doormouse than a tortoise, at least I'd be cute and fluffy. But here I am still in Florida and longing to get home to freezing Blighty. See major drama on my blog for why. Bloody insurance companies.
Enfys x

canadacole said...

Brrrr. We're having that kind of day here today. It's the cold combined with the rain that does it I think.

Do hedgehogs hibernate? I've always fancied them, I think I'd like to pick hedgehog--but I'm all for the hibernating!