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Monday, 1 December 2008

The Suitcase is Packed...

...and she is ready to go!!!

My Little baby girl is going away tomorrow with the school for a whole night away, no goodnight kisses for me tomorrow night from Mia, she is off to Delamere forest, not literally staying in the forest but at an outdoor education centre, they do have indoor accommodation there obviously, and her little pink (well it couldn`t be any other colour could it) suitcase is packed, with pink pyjamas, a pink tracksuit, pink towel...can you see a pattern emerging here!!!

So I have to take her to school in the morning with her pulling her little pink suitcase on wheels driving me quite possibly mad going up and down the kerbs, running over my toes and battering me with her wellies which have to be in a separate named carrier but attached to the suitcase...Jesus how much time do these teachers think us working mums have...honestly!!! A sleeping bag and a completely disposable packed lunch...!!!

Only to return on Wednesday afternoon with half of it missing and the other half quite possibly caked in a large proportion of mud from Delamere forest...does my washing machine deserve this cruel torture!!!

Anyway I am teaching tomorrow at Edwin Allen and as promised I did design the other acetate card for the workshop, and quite sneakily it also fits in with this weeks dare over on DCM

"We`re Dreaming of a white Christmas...with a touch of pink"

Also can share this layout with you which is my Design Team Layout for this weeks sketch on Beary Box Blog and also happens to be the layout I will be teaching at Edwin Allen on Wednesday...I am getting good at this multi tasking!!!

Just have to leave you with this picture...Harry had the day off school today, he was also poorly yesterday and managed to be "far to ill" to attend school today...Harry is never ill, however the little boy with the huge appetite ate nothing yesterday and looked like an extra from night of the living dead this morning so I reluctantly allowed him to stay in bed...By 11.30 he was eating toast and when at Grandad`s this afternoon while I was teaching he managed to stuff his face with a plate of stew and also managed a very healthy portion of Spaghetti Bolognase this evening!!! Kids...needless to say he will be returning to school tomorrow!!!


scrapraffe said...

i went to delamere with school too!
and i ADORE that pink card. x

Wati Basri said...

love the colour combi on this :)

lisa said...

your DCM card is so adorable, love it!