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Friday, 5 December 2008

I am such a naughty girl...

....because I have been such a bad blogger this week!!!

I have not had time to do any crafting and the other half has had "Man Flu" all week so I have not had a minute to sit down and chill out with pretty papers, sumptuous stamps or delicious dies!!!
No I have spent the week working, ferrying the kids here there and everywhere, washing and ironing and fetching and carrying for Him indoors!!!
I am shattered although finally had a day off today and after I dropped the kids off at school got myself on the train and the most fantastic day in Manchester....shopping yeah!!! Nothing like a spot of shopping to perk a girl up especially when I had Christmas money early!!! Sneaked a couple of Christmas presents in too but mainly shopped for me...oh the sheer indulgence...so Good!!!
Have a Christmassy weekend planned though, going to put up the tree and create fabulous creations with my new trimmings and a glue gun...bloody going to get covered in glitter I just know it and that's after I get covered in fibreglass going into the loft to get all the deccies down!!!
So have managed to catch up a bit with her space my space, the last two photo prompts were Light and Gift
This is one of the photo`s I took on bonfire night
Me on my birthday...where I received quite a lot of alcoholic gifts!!!
Off to prepare myself for the onslaught of glitter tomorrow

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