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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Its the night before Christmas...

...and I finally feel festive...why...because I have just taken photos of my girlies with a mince pie, a carrot and a glass of wine!!!

Simple things eh!!!

I know its Christmas Eve...it has been all day!!! But It hasn`t felt like it today if truth be told.
Okay the kids are excited, I have the decs up, the tree is bursting with presents, Santa`s stockings are ready in my bedroom to be delivered, all the food that can be prepared and cooked is sat in tin foil in the fridge but although I felt giddy this morning I really didn`t feel like it was Christmas, until I started taking photos
My girls are both firm believers in Father Christmas and also believe that their Dad has been called up on Elf duty tonight...god I am wicked sometimes with my sense of humour...I told them this this morning, explaining it by saying that every year somebody gets chosen to help Santa deliver all the presents, all Mia was worried about was where Daddy was going to get a costume from and that his ears were not pointy enough to be an Elf!!!
This was after I had unsuccessfully tried to tell them it had been on Sky news that Rudolph had Reindeer Flu and it was looking dicey as to whether Father Christmas was going to get all around the world...to which they replied there are other Reindeer Mum!!! Kids!!!
So here are my girlies patiently waiting for Santa...I sent Harry out for a carrot earlier and he came back with one big enough to feed Bugs Bunny for LIFE!!!
And it has been said that my girls look like me, I always say that they are far prettier but these photos have me convinced they are more like me than I thought!!!
Luckily that's not Pinot they are trying to sup but some god awful freebie that Santa is stuck with, will be pouring that down the sink later to clean the drains with!!!
Merry Christmas everyone xxx

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