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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Countdown......5...4...3...2...

One more lesson to teach and I am officially on my Christmas holidays...two whole weeks of lazing around and chilling out and getting fat drinking Baileys with my Mum and eating blue cheese and olives with my dad...ooh and probably raiding the kids selection boxes too!!!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS...the fact that I can lie in bed until I choose to get up, no rushing around, no organising kids for school and no bloody housework...it is really hard to dust and polish when you have Christmas decorations everywhere!!!
Saying that I have so many workshops for January to prepare, six college courses to plan and a new fantastic job to get excited about too!!!

But amidst all that, despite the commercialism of Christmas, the preparations, the spending and the bloody stress, I had the loveliest evening last night....It was the girls Christmas Performance at school...nothing like it, my girls attend a Church of England School and they really put the true message of Christmas across in their performances, the teachers work flat out to ensure this and the kids are so enthusiastic about it too...Ella, being in her last year had one of the main roles...hmmm as a mother in a "panto section" of the Nativity!!!
I very nearly had tears in my eyes as I watched my girlie's on stage....I have a reputation to uphold...I have NEVER cried at anything my kids have done at school, and joke with the mums that do...however her leavers assembly is looming and I feel tears pricking my eyes as I think about it...My little baby girl is going to be leaving Primary school soon and its shocking because I remember the day she started all sweet and innocent and young and angelic and Oh God she is growing up and has Hormones to match!!!

I don`t feel it is Christmas until I have watched my kids perform in their Nativity and here are my girlie's during their performance
Ella as...the Mum....please be told I NEVER wear curlers in my hair!!!....I am a GHD Worshipper!!!

Hmm...has that halo slipped!!!

My Little Angelic Angel
Okay now I am off to hum Christmas carols and maybe have a small glass of Baileys...just to get into the spirit!!!

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