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Friday, 12 December 2008

Didn`t we have a lovely day the day we went to....

I know the song is for Bangor but I went to Bury, Bury Market to be precise...god its so cheap and the stall holders are really friendly and welcoming even though they all work in arctic conditions as most of the market is outdoors...I couldn`t work there, god no, not unless I had thermals on and several blankets wrapped around me the Bury weather was even a match for my fur coat!!!
So off on a coach trip we went and I wasn`t allowed to sing on the way :-(
We have laughed so much we were crying, I have pulled several muscles in my stomach and several passers by gave us disapproving looks but I have had the best day, two bacon butties, ate my body weight in fudge and even have new boots and a handbag. So thanks to everyone who made the day so enjoyable.
The first stall we came to was a hat stall...perfect photo moments....

Elaine finds a hat to match her furry coat

Pauline in a very Sexy pink Number

And I so wanted to buy this hat but resisted

Pauline, after eating her body weight in Cheese samples, saying Cheese at the Cheese counter...how Cheesy!!!

Slushy alert...Pauline is one of my ladies...she comes to my workshops and she attends the classes I run for the college and I just loves yah Pauline and I love this photo of us too xxx

Elaine doin it doggy style!!!

Yes that is a dinosaur we are sat on and no it didnt recover!!!
Pauline, Modelling some very sexy Granny Panties...apparently all my ladies wear these...I know, sometimes as a teacher you can be given too much information...I will stick with my thongs thank you very much!!!
Me and the very wonderful and sexy Sue
Me and the very lovely Jane

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