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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Not such a good Blogger but I found my MOJO

...twas lurking in the bottom of a drawer next to a pile of scrapbooking papers, a book and some very dusty chalks...have put it back in its rightful place and created some clay critters tonight. I have not worked with clay for a while and it made a nice change, used the air dry stuff so have to wait for it all to dry out then I am going to paint them, so far have created a little frog, a bunny obviously for easter and a turtle...I am going to teach this next week too as clay is such fun...will post the piccies of my little critters tomorrow or Thursday when they are adorned with beautiful colour.

Not really completed much else, I am working on a mini acetate book, scrapped a couple of pages and made some jewellery, none of which I have photographed yet as the weather has been just terribl so getting a decent picture is out of the question...I must catch up with all the challenges especially 365 as I am about 10 days behind on that...there is always the weekend!!!

Ooh I did start sorting my scrapbooks out the other day, I am planning on a scrapbook for each year...hope that works out...so have put all the pages in their corresponding scrapbooks, that took me some time I can tell you. I did not realise I had so many pages completed, I did however find a couple of pages that I am going to RE scrap as they look pretty basic.

Found out also yesterday after big fat panic that I don`t have to complete my self assessment until May because I only became self employed in June last year...nobody told me this until I had spent an hour going through paperwork and online...in the end phoned the helpline...arghhh...I could have spent that hour scrapping.

Hope everyone is well and not flooded too badly, we have had respite from the downpours today but it has been extra cold. xxx

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