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Sunday, 13 January 2008

365 Prompt 13

"When in doubt, take a bath."
Mae West

Well I am sorry but I am not putting a photo up of me in the bath although I have seen some very tasteful shots of feet perched on the edge of the bath.

However I do prefer a bath to a shower, not that we have a shower but I like to soak in the bath with nice bubbles and candles lit, a bit of music and even a chilled glas of Pinot...mmm.

The kids all love the bath too and we have the usual plastic beakers and ducks that always join them in the bath. We all have a bath every morning and can all be in and out within fifteen minutes...talking of baths I bought the most gorgeous bath sheet yesterday from Tesco of all places...it was only £8 and it is so soft....

OOohhhhh I have just remembered too how much I used to love bathing the kids when they were tiny wriggly babies, I used to bath them before their last night time feed and then just enjoy smelling their little soft heads while they were feeding, mmm Johnsons babies, all my babies were johnsons babies...I so love these prompts and all the memories they evoke. Thats anothe couple of scrapbook pages planned!!!

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